About BFPeer


BFPeer is a Peer2Peer cryptocurrency exchange platform and designed for traders seeking safety, security and simpleness. BFPeer is the only cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency for free!
BFPeer has pursued a mission of creating a P2P cryptocurrency exchange that represents the decentralised nature of the Blockchain. P2P marketplace where people buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in a very simple steps, easily, securely and safely. BFPeer is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange which means we do not hold your Bitcoin. Our team are passionate and friendly to our customers and lowest fee compared with other cryptocurrency market platform. BFPeer focus solely on our customers to provide a secure and transparent cryptocurrency exchange through Blockchain protocol innovation, education, and advocacy.



* Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum and other cryptocurrency directly to your own personal wallet
* Receive the cryptocurrency directly to your personal wallet
* Instant payments through EFT/Bank Transfer Payment
Transaction Fee (Excluding VAT) South Africa
* EFT Payment 1% of the transaction value
Transaction Fee (Excluding VAT) NIGERIA
* EFT/Bank Transfer Payment 1% of the transaction value.



* Sell Bitcoin & Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency to ZAR/NGN directly from your personal wallet
* Trade from your own wallet
* Receive your funds in almost immediately
* You sell your cryptocurrency FREE at no COST
* Guaranteed payment from our escrow payment services provider
* Seller is free to set their own price of the cryptocurrency
* Escrow releases the payment to your bank account immediately